School Administrator

School administrator is a broad title that encompasses school principals, vice principals and higher-level education specialists. Employed year-round, these professionals are responsible for overseeing all operations of a school or education facility. Depending on their specific role, duties may range from day-to-day operations to system-wide interventions.

Job Responsibilities

Depending on their position, school administrators may be charged with a variety of tasks. Principals, for example, are responsible for setting goals for their institutions, hiring staff, developing curriculum standards and managing the school’s budget. Vice principals are generally responsible for supporting principals in this work. They may also be charged with enforcing discipline, meeting with teachers and preparing student achievement data. Other educational administrators help institutions meet district enrollment standards, find substitute teachers and ensure legal compliance. Most school administrators work inside educational facilities. They must be good at working with children and be effective communicators with adults.

Salary Details

According to PayScale, school administrators make an average annual salary of $69,923. However, those in the top pay range in their field can make as much as $115,310 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows steady growth in this field, with a projected 8% growth rate through 2026.

Education Requirements

School administrators most often have already obtained their teaching license and have worked as teachers for a number of years. To enter into an administrative role, individuals must obtain a master’s degree in educational leadership or educational administration. In the case of principals and vice principals, they must also pass a test to receive licensure. Although licensure requirements vary by state, principals in private schools are not required to carry this credential.

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