Becoming an online student doesn’t just mean the opportunity to earn your degree. It means finding a path toward professional advancement.

The online format is designed for ultimate flexibility, enabling you the ability to advance your education while maintaining other commitments. Online degree programs are often less expensive than their on-campus counterparts, but still feature the same rigorous academics and opportunities to engage with others. That means you can engage with others flexibly while saving money on your education. If you have previous college credits, you’ll save even more with our generous transfer credit policy.

Online vs. On-Campus

Earning your degree gives you the same amount of career preparation as attending an on campus program, with the added benefit of a flexible schedule that fits your needs.

Attend class at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection
Rigorous academics
Expert instructors who have years of real-world experience
Connects you with a strong academic and professional community
Prepares you for lifelong career success

A Typical Week in the Life

The schedule of an online student is one that balances the daily responsibilities of life with the excitement of getting an education. During a typical week, you’ll log in to look at your course syllabus, review assignments and prepare for the week ahead. The next seven days are filled with coursework completed at your convenience. Attend a class after dinner, post comments in class discussions during your lunch break or write a paper after your kids have gone to bed. You’ll still be able to go to work, spend time with your family and keep previous commitments while earning your degree and advancing your career.

Your Support Team

Whether you need more information about the application process, help with your financial aid or assistance staying on track, you have a support team available from the moment you express interest to the day you graduate. You’ll get the support you need and discover our dedication to an exceptional student experience while you advance your career.

Meet Your Team

Online Experience FAQs

Online classes are offered on digital learning platforms hosted by your college or university. When you begin your course, you’ll get access to course materials, assignments and other necessary items. You’ll have weekly assignments and readings and be graded on items such as participation, exams, essays and other standard methods of assessment. However, all interaction with you, the professor and your classmates will take place through your digital learning platform.

The length of your program will depend on the type of program, whether you are a full-time or part-time student and how many transfer credits you bring to ECU Online. Our undergraduate degree programs take two to four years. Graduate degree programs take one to two years.

Although all classwork is designed to be completed remotely, some degree programs do require a hands-on component. Programs in human services, education, kinesiology and nursing all expect students to complete practicums.

In asynchronous classes, classes are not held in real time. Rather, you may log on to our digital learning platform whenever you wish. You may read course materials, complete assignments and interact with your peers on your own schedule and only have to worry about meeting deadlines rather than attending class on a particular time and day. All of East Central University’s online classes are asynchronous.

To succeed in an online program, you need self-motivation, self-discipline and a willingness to commit to your studies. You also need excellent time management skills and to be comfortable meeting deadlines. Additionally, you need to be ready to communicate regularly with your instructor, fellow students and others in your academic support network.

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