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Discover the Value of an ECU Online Degree

Your education is an investment in your future. East Central University Online is proud to offer our online programs with affordable tuition to help you reach your academic goals.

Compared to the average in-state college tuition for Oklahoma, four-year undergraduate students at ECU Online save $2,242 per year on the cost of their degree. Graduate students also benefit from our competitive pricing, saving $1,281 per year for a two-year program compared to average in-state graduate tuition.

Oklahoma: Undergraduate: $10,448 / year in state, $8,206 / year ECU. Graduate: $6,384 / year in state, $5,103 / year ECU.

Undergraduate Comparison for the State of Oklahoma Data

  • ECU Online Undergraduate four-year completion = $8,206 a year
  • Average in-state college tuition in Oklahoma = $10,448

Graduate Comparison for the State of Oklahoma Data

  • ECU Online graduate two-year completion = $5,103 a year
  • Average graduate program tuition fees for Oklahoma colleges in 2020 is $6,384 for Oklahoma residents
State of Oklahoma data from https://www.collegecalc.org/colleges/oklahoma and https://www.collegetuitioncompare.com/.
ECU tuition rates are based on the online programs listed below.

Explore the costs and fees associated with your future program of study and see how much you can save when you transfer your previously earned college credits.

ProgramCost Per Credit Hour*Required Credit HoursFeesInitial Total Program CostTotal Possible Transfer CreditsPotential Discounted Program Cost
Certificate – School Superintendent$318.2516$7.50 per semester$5,092.000$5,092.00
B.A. Criminal Justice$264.25124$7.50 per semester$32,82794$7,942.50
B.A. Criminal Justice Policy$264.25124$7.50 per semester$32,82794$7,942.50
B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies$264.25124$7.50 per semester$32,82794$7,942.50
B.A. Native American Studies$264.25124$7.50 per semester$32,82794$7,942.50
B.S. Computer Science$264.25124$7.50 per semester$32,82794$7,942.50
B.S. Kinesiology$264.25124$7.50 per semester$32,82794$7,942.50
B.A. Human Services Counseling$264.25124$7.50 per semester$32,82794$7,942.50
B.S. Psychology – Behavioral Health$264.25124$7.50 per semester$32,82794$7,942.50
Bachelor of Social Work$264.25124$7.50 per semester$32,82794$7,942.50
Master in Criminal Justice Administration$318.2530$7.50 per semester$9,5709$6,698.25
Master in Management$318.2530$7.50 per semester$9,5709$6,698.25
M.Ed. Educational Leadership$318.2532$7.50 per semester$10,206.509$7,334.75
M.Ed. Instructional Design & Technology$318.2532$7.50 per semester$10,206.509$7,334.75
M.Ed. Library Media$318.2532$7.50 per semester$10,206.509$7,334.75
M.Ed. Special Education318.2532$7.50 per semester$10,206.509$7,334.75
M.Ed. Sports Administration$318.2533$7.50 per semester$10,524.759$7,653
M.S. Water Resource Policy and Management$318.2530$7.50 per semester$9,5709$6,698.25
RN to BSN$264.25
(ASE credits total $145)
(29 credit hours from ASE)
$7.50 per semester$26,160.7568 $8,191.75**

*Price reflects tuition for Oklahoma residents. Non-resident tuition is $541.19 per credit hour for undergraduate programs and $675.40 per credit hour for graduate programs. There is a non-resident tuition waiver available if certain requirements are met. Speak to an enrollment counselor for more information. An additional semester fee of $7.50 will apply for all students.

**Advanced standing exam credits are assessed by the Registry Office at a fee of $5 per credit hour. For 29 hours of coursework, the fee is $145.

NOTE: Transfer students must have completed at least 24 college credit hours with a grade point average of 2.0 or higher. Transfer students with fewer credit hours will be required to submit their high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores for consideration.

NOTE: There is a $20 application fee for undergraduate programs.

Fees and tuition subject to change.

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