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Program Details

Next Start Date
June 3rd
Est. Program Length
2-4 years
Course Length
8 weeks
Cost per Credit
Credit Hours
Credits Accepted

*Price reflects tuition for Oklahoma residents. Non-resident tuition is $638.80 per credit hour. There is a non-resident tuition waiver available if certain requirements are met. Speak to an enrollment counselor for more information. An additional semester fee of $89 will apply for all students and possible charges for course related fees.

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Technical Expertise for an In-Demand Field

Explore the essential topics of a growing industry and develop a competitive edge for the technology career you want with the BS in Computer Science degree from East Central University Online. With a curriculum designed used guidelines published by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), the program offers hands-on experience working with the tools of the trade. As a student, you’ll prepare for a variety of in-demand computer science careers as you build skills in computer programming, software development, data analysis, and more.

Courses for the online BS in Computer Science program are delivered in 8-week sessions through an interactive online classroom and are taught by educators with years of technology experience. Choose from five start dates each year and build your schedule with flexible course options. With online access to all course materials, you can begin your degree on your time and complete your education at a pace that works for your personal schedule.

Topics of Study

The online BS in Computer Science curriculum examines business strategies, practical mathematics and computer applications with an emphasis on software engineering. The curriculum allows you to choose from a selection of career-focused elective courses that explore your professional interests to ensure you graduate ready for roles that require computer programming and coding, software development and design, testing and debugging, cybersecurity and more.

You’ll study topics like:

  • Computer programming
  • Computer architecture
  • Software development
  • Software engineering
  • Database design
  • Algorithm analysis
  • Diverse computer languages
  • Network science
  • Internet programming
  • Unix systems administration

Learning Outcomes

By the time you graduate, you will be able to:

  • Integrate knowledge of computer science and mathematics to formulate original computer programs.
  • Communicate effectively through oral and written presentations in diverse professional settings.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of computer science principles and terminology.
  • Immediately apply content knowledge and communication skills to the computer science workplace through a variety of positions.
  • Gather, analyze and present technical data in a clear format that diverse professionals can understand.

Courses & Requirements

The online BS in Computer Science degree requirements consist of the completion of 124 total credit hours. Students must take 44 credit hours in general education, 45 credit hours of core courses, 21 credit hours of required electives, 11–18 credit hours of related work and 22–33 credit hours of general elective courses.

ECU requires all students to take general education courses.

CMPSC 1113
CMPSC 1133
CMPSC 3113
CMPSC 3613
CMPSC 3943
CMPSC 4213
CMPSC 4473
CMPSC 2923

Choose two of the following:

CMPSC 2213
CMPSC 2323
CMPSC 3313
CPSMA 4373

Choose three of the following:

CMPSC 3213
CMPSC 3233
CMPSC 3543
CMPSC 4223
CMPSC 4273
CPSMA 4983
Seminar – Computer Science
CPSMA 3933
CPSMA 4413
CPSMA 3913
MATH 1513
MATH 1713

Choose one of the following:

MATH 2825
MATH 2613

If MATH 2613 is taken, then choose either of the following:

MATH 2213
BSEC 2603

Choose one of the following:

BUCOM 3133
COMM 1113
COMM 2253
ENG 3183

Students majoring in computer science are highly encouraged to take upper-level computer science electives to make themselves more attractive to industry recruiters.

Admission Requirements

To be accepted into the ECU Online B.S. in Computer Science program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • All transfer students must have completed at least 24 college credits with a retention grade-point average of 2.0 or higher to meet transfer admission criteria. Transfer students with fewer credits will be required to submit their high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores for consideration.

How to Apply

To apply, you must submit the following materials: 

  • Online application
  • Official high school transcript or college transcript from an accredited institution
  • ACT/SAT scores

Have a question about this program or the admission process? Get connected to one of our knowledgeable enrollment counselors.

Costs & Financial Aid

Tuition & Fees

Curriculum ComponentRequirementsCostTotal
Tuition124 credit hours$321.80*$39,903.20
Total with transfer credits (up to 94)**$9,654.00

*Price reflects tuition for Oklahoma residents. Non-resident tuition is $638.80 per credit hour. There is a non-resident tuition waiver available if certain requirements are met. Speak to an enrollment counselor for more information. An additional semester fee of $89 will apply for all students and possible charges for course related fees.
**Note: Transfer students must have completed at least 24 credit hours.
Fees and tuition subject to change.

Financial Aid

At ECU Online, we strive to ensure your education is as affordable as possible. Learn more about your options for financing your education by visiting our Financial Aid page.

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Military Benefits

East Central University is a proud military-friendly school. Discover how your status as a U.S. military veteran or active-duty service member can help you earn your degree by visiting our Military & Veterans page.

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Native American Students

Eligible Native American students can find financial aid programs, heritage scholarships, grants, and academic support services to help ensure their success at ECU.

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At ECU, we recognize that “going first” can be difficult. We provide the extra financial support, scholarships, resources, services, and skills you need to succeed.

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Transfer Students

If you’ve taken college-level courses elsewhere, you could save time and money earning your degree by transferring credits to ECU and may qualify for scholarships.

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Career Outlook

Below are just a few of the many options available to you after completing the bachelor’s in computer science online degree program.

Data Analyst

Data analysts conduct research to gain and deliver new information to companies. They must have excellent computer science skills to analyze new data and communicate it in ways diverse professionals can understand.

Average annual salary: $61,593

Software Developer

Software developers design and create computer applications and software systems that help businesses and students conduct work more efficiently.

Average annual salary: $72,426

Systems Administrator

Systems administrators supervise and manage the computer applications and software systems of a business. They address technical difficulties and develop solutions to issues within computer systems.

Average annual salary: $62,981

All information cited from PayScale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve completed the online BS in Computer Science, you’ll be eligible to pursue a graduate degree in the same topic of study or a related field. In addition, your bachelor’s degree will also qualify you for a variety of entry-level computer science positions, including roles such as software developer, data analyst and more.

Ideal for working students, ECU Online’s interactive learning environment offers the flexibility you need to balance your education with your personal and professional schedule. As an online student, you’ll receive ample opportunities to virtually discuss course materials with your educators and classmates, plus the freedom to access courses on your time and complete your degree at your own pace.

The computer science bachelor’s degree from East Central University Online utilizes the same rigorous curriculum offered on campus. Plus, online students receive flexible schedule options, five start dates throughout the year and can complete each course in 8-week sessions.

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