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Interdisciplinary Studies

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June 3rd
Est. Program Length
1 year
Course Length
8 weeks
Cost per Credit
Credit Hours
Credits Accepted

*Price reflects tuition for Oklahoma residents. Non-resident tuition is $638.80 per credit hour. There is a non-resident tuition waiver available if certain requirements are met. Speak to an enrollment counselor for more information. An additional semester fee of $89 will apply for all students and possible charges for course related fees.

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The Perfect Degree for You

Design a customized bachelor’s degree that helps you reach your goals with the online Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program at East Central University Online. An interdisciplinary studies online degree allows you to choose the classes you want, all while finishing faster and building your career.

When you earn an interdisciplinary degree online, you have the opportunity to make your education what you want it to be. Some students want to specialize in a certain area of study applicable to their current job or personal learning goals. Others want to make use of their previous college credits in order to finish their degree and get promoted in their careers. Yet others still want to get the credential they need to continue their studies in graduate school. Interdisciplinary studies is a program that allows this kind of flexibility, allowing you to truly control your educational experience.

Additionally, students who enroll in the interdisciplinary studies online degree are required to participate in two 60 hour internships. This requirement allows you to gain practical experience in your area of interest, network with industry professionals and gain an edge in the job market.

Because the interdisciplinary studies program is broad, graduates can do almost anything with their bachelor’s degree. They may work at major companies, nonprofits, in the government or for themselves. Any sector is a possibility. Many ECU Online graduates use their new credentials to enter positions of management and leadership within their companies, increase their earning potential and go further in their careers. 

At ECU Online, we offer digital learning formats designed for your convenience. Online programs allow you to keep your work and life commitments while earning your degree, allowing you to professionally advance without disrupting your life.

To be accepted into the Interdisciplinary Studies program, all students must have accrued a minimum of 60 credit hours.

Courses & Requirements

Our online interdisciplinary studies degree requires a total of 124 credit hours. Students must complete 44 credit hours of general education courses, 35 credit hours of electives and 45 credit hours of interdisciplinary studies courses. These interdisciplinary studies courses include 12 credit hours of required classes and 33 credit hours of a student’s independent learning plan (ILP). 

ECU requires all students to take general education courses. For this program, 6 credit hours (PSYCH 1113 and SOC 1113) are counted in the major. 38 additional credit hours are needed.

Required Courses (12 credit hours)

IDS 3113
IDS 3123
IDS 4123
IDS 4723

Interdisciplinary Studies (33 credit hours)

Complete 33 credit hours of coursework approved in the student’s independent learning plan (ILP). The ILP must reflect a coherent plan of study in support of the student’s academic and career goals. The ILP must include at least 18 credit hours of credit at ECU and at least 15 credit hours must be upper-level credit.

Students must meet the 40 credit hour minimum requirement for upper-level courses. Students are encouraged to take liberal arts courses to broaden their educational perspectives.

Admission Requirements

To be accepted into ECU’s B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • All transfer students must have completed at least 24 college credits with a retention grade-point average of 2.0 or higher to meet the Transfer admissions criteria. Transfer students with fewer than 24 college credit hours will be required to submit their high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores for consideration.
  • To be accepted into the Interdisciplinary Studies program, all students must have accrued a minimum of 60 credit hours.

How to Apply

To apply, you must submit the following materials: 

  • Online application
  • Official high school transcript or college transcript from an accredited institution
  • ACT/SAT scores

Have a question about this program or the admission process? Get connected to one of our knowledgeable enrollment counselors.

Costs & Financial Aid

Curriculum ComponentRequirementsCostTotal
Tuition124 credit hours$321.80*$39,903.20
Total with transfer credits (up to 94)**$9,654.00

*Price reflects tuition for Oklahoma residents. Non-resident tuition is $638.80 per credit hour. There is a non-resident tuition waiver available if certain requirements are met. Speak to an enrollment counselor for more information. An additional semester fee of $89 will apply for all students and possible charges for course related fees.
**Note: Transfer students must have completed at least 24 credit hours.
Fees and tuition subject to change.

Financial Aid

At ECU Online, we strive to ensure your education is as affordable as possible. Learn more about your options for financing your education by visiting our Financial Aid page.

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Military Benefits

East Central University is a proud military-friendly school. Discover how your status as a U.S. military veteran or active-duty service member can help you earn your degree by visiting our Military & Veterans page.

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Native American Students

Eligible Native American students can find financial aid programs, heritage scholarships, grants, and academic support services to help ensure their success at ECU.

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At ECU, we recognize that “going first” can be difficult. We provide the extra financial support, scholarships, resources, services, and skills you need to succeed.

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Transfer Students

If you’ve taken college-level courses elsewhere, you could save time and money earning your degree by transferring credits to ECU and may qualify for scholarships.

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Career Outlook

Because the interdisciplinary studies program is broad, graduates can find opportunities everywhere. Here are a few of the career options available:

Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for planning and developing execution strategies for projects at their organizations. They may assign sub-projects, monitor progress, manage budgets, communicate with clients and other related tasks.

Average annual salary: $72,675

College Recruiter

College recruiters are responsible for finding students for academic institutions. Through marketing, networking, attending college fairs and other methods, these professionals seek to make their institution’s student body as competitive and impressive as possible.

Average annual salary: $46,300

Help Desk Technician

Help desk technicians are responsible for assisting end users with identifying and solving technology issues. Usually hired to support sophisticated technology, these professionals may be charged with troubleshooting, making suggestions and working with other technicians to ensure that problems are resolved.

Average annual salary: $40,196

Human Resources Assistant

Human resources assistants are responsible for helping HR departments communicate with employees, facilitate processes and represent their company effectively. They may handle paperwork, help make their departments more efficient, verify employees and contribute to department goals.

Average annual salary: $39,475

All information cited from PayScale.

Frequently Asked Questions

An interdisciplinary degree gives you the ability to custom-tailor how you train for a certain position or field of work. Extensive training in a certain area of interest, plus a required internship, means that you’ll have a level of proficiency desired by employers that candidates in normal degree programs don’t. Additionally, earning a bachelor’s degree increases your earning potential and ability to advance as a leader.

Because of the flexible nature of an interdisciplinary studies degree, the answer is “anything you want”. Depending on your previous credits and the study schedule you design, you can potentially go on to work in any job that requires a bachelor’s degree. Private, public and government sectors are all open to you. Potential fields may include business, liberal arts, the sciences, education, communication or the arts. 

Interdisciplinary studies is a way of completing your bachelor’s degree that allows for ultimate flexibility in your education. While a traditional college degree requires a certain strict schedule of courses, an interdisciplinary studies degree allows you to choose the classes you want in order to focus on a specific area of interest. This method of degree completion also allows you to take a range of previously earned college credits and successfully apply them to a single credential.

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