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Human Services is an area that emphasizes the importance of helping others. Whether reuniting a family, helping someone overcome poverty or guiding individuals as they make choices to improve their lives, human services professionals believe that the betterment of human beings is a worthwhile endeavor. As the need for human services professionals increases, the field needs qualified, compassionate professionals more than ever before.

At East Central University Online, we offer a range of online human services degree programs that allow you to tailor your course of study to fit your unique career goals. Choose from either our Aging, Counseling or Rehabilitation concentrations and enter the field with the specialty knowledge you need to be competitive in the workplace. Each program requires an internship, allowing you to gain real-world experience in the field.


  • Our Aging concentration prepares you for a career in the multidisciplinary world of aging and gerontology. You’ll train to help clients with the physical, mental and social challenges they face in this unique stage of life.
  • Choose our Rehabilitation concentration and you’ll be trained to help those living with physical, mental, cognitive, behavioral and addictive disabilities. Through a curriculum that emphasizes disability culture, inclusion and advocacy, you will gain the skills you need to work in a wide range of disability agencies and client assistance programs.
  • The Counseling concentration offers broad skills that can be applied to a number of areas. Help others as you find work as a social services specialist, mental health aide, domestic violence counselor, case manager or any number of other related careers.

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  • A range of unique concentrations
  • Earn your degree in two years
  • Only human services counseling program in the state of Oklahoma

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Online Programs

Our online human services degree programs are offered in a digital classroom environment for your convenience. When you study online, you’ll have the opportunity to attend classes on a schedule that’s right for you. Online courses mean that you won’t have to sacrifice your work and life commitments for your education and earn your degree at your own pace.

Human Services FAQs

Yes. We have three scholarships specifically dedicated to those who choose to study human services counseling:

  • Richard E. Baumgartner Memorial Scholarship
  • Higginbotham Family Scholarship
  • Lowell E. Green Scholarship

Learn more about each of these opportunities

Human services is a broad field that encompasses a variety of pathways that aim to meet human needs and improve the quality of life for others. You can work in this field as either a professional or paraprofessional and specialize in fields including mental health, substance abuse, family care, disabilities, youth services, aging and more.

This person-centered field allows for the prevention and mediation of the problems of living, particularly among the most vulnerable in society. When everyone has accessible, accountable and coordinated services, they are able to live more fulfilling, productive and healthy lives.

After Graduation

Human services is a rapidly growing field according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with an estimated 23% increase in jobs by 2026. Those who have earned a human services degree online are well on their way towards a meaningful and high-opportunity career.

All information cited from PayScale.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor

Alcohol and drug addiction counselors help individuals suffering from substance abuse to get help and improve their lives. They often work in medical institutions, social work facilities and prisons. Students pursuing a concentration in rehabilitation are suited for this role.

Average annual salary: $38,122

Bereavement Coordinator

Bereavement coordinators assist terminally ill patients and their families by providing counseling services, handling paperwork and offering other forms of assistance. Students pursuing a concentration in counseling are particularly suited to this position.

Average annual salary: $47,633

Case Manager

Case managers guide and support individuals in ways that will help them improve their quality of life. Clients often include recovering addicts, ex-convicts, those experiencing poverty or the elderly. Students pursuing a concentration in aging are especially prepared for this career.

Average annual salary: $39,355

Family Support Worker

Family support workers specialize in helping families with various social services, such as food and nutrition assistance, child protective services or disability services. They may also connect families with social service organizations. A range of human services students are prepared for this career.

Average annual salary: $31,139

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